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Golden Bull award winners 2017

Lesley Marr sent this in, from an auction listing:-

B: Proprietorship Register This register specifies the class of title and identifies the owner. It contains any entries that affect the right of disposal. Title absolute (21.02.1995) PROPRIETOR: (13.03.1996) RESTRICTION: No disposition by a sole proprietor of the land (not being a trust corporation) under which capital money arises is to be registered except under an order of the registrar or of the Court. (13.03.1996) RESTRICTION: Except under an order of the registrar no disposition by the proprietor of the land is to be registered without the consent of , [REDACTED]. (07.10.2016) RESTRICTION: No disposition of the registered estate, other than a disposition by the proprietor of any registered charge registered before the entry of this restriction, is to be registered without a certificate signed by the applicant for registration or their conveyancer that written notice of the disposition was given to [REDACTED], being the person with the benefit of an interim charging order on the beneficial interest of [REDACTED] made by the High Court of Justice on 29 September 2016.

Rachel Richards felt this from Horsham District Council wasn’t helpful:-

Thank you for the enquiry linked to residual waste capacities. Whilst its mentioned that 20% of the residual waste stream consists of target materials there are options to be considered at point of purchase as well as other materials that are put in the residual waste stream at the moment that can be recycled such as electrical goods, textiles, garden waste and finally food waste all of which make up nearly another 40% of the a residual waste bin contents at moment in the district. Much of the issue surrounding target materials is linked to mixed messaging over the last decade or more leaving residents unsure in some cases as to what can and can’t be recycled. Potentially around 60% in total of the residual bin contents can be recycled identified by the district waste audit. With regard to the figures quoted above they’re a guide in terms of what’s possible linked to behavioural change and maximising desired behaviours which will be achieved by additional education where needed plus support for families who are already recycling by offering waste audits to emphasise some of the materials that are discarded in the residual waste stream and offering additional recycling capacity in order to accommodate the shift towards improved participation and capture rates linked to reduction, reuse and recycling. I hope this assists Regards

Irene Auerbach sent us this part of a letter from CAF. She has no idea what it means and nor do we.

An Entity only manages another Entity if it has discretionary authority to manage the other Entity’s assets (either in whole or part). Where an Entity is managed by a mix of Financial Institutions, NFEs or individuals, the Entity is considered to be managed by another Entity that is a Depository Institution, a Custodial Institution, a Specified Insurance Company, or the first type of Investment Entity, if any of the managing Entities is such another Entity.

Margaret Rose sent us the following Scottish Assessors Association nonsense.

5.1 Valuation of Shooting Rights 5.1.1 A table of rates per hectare has been prepared consequent to analysis of the available rental evidence for sporting rights to shoot over a variety of land types and is set out at Appendix 1. The rates should be used in the absence of local evidence. 5.1.2 The rates are to be applied relative to the predominant land type over which the rights are exercised. If the nature of the land is of relatively equal proportions of particular land types, often considered to provide the best shooting potential, then the “Mixed” rates should be applied. 5.1.3 Tables of quantum allowances are also set out at Appendix 2. There are two tables of quantum, one for Deer Forest/Hill/ Moor and one for all other land types. 5.1.4 Quantum should be interpolated for intermediate areas. 5.2 Valuation of Deer Forests 5.2.1 The incorporeal right to shoot deer can be let separately from the deer forest and can constitute a unit of valuation separate to that of the deer forest. 5.2.2 No separate entry should be made for the corporeal subject that is the deer forest. The rationale being that the value of such lands and heritages is exhausted by the value of the shooting rights. 5.2.3 Where the deer forest is owner occupied, and is solely used as such, then the value of shooting rights exhaust the value of the deer forest. Accordingly, no additional value should be attributed to the corporeal subject that is the deer forest. 8.4 Unexercised Shootings 8.4.1 There may be cases where, for a number of reasons, the occupier of the shooting rights does not shoot, or has no intention of allowing anyone to shoot. The occupier of the shooting rights could exercise or lease the rights to a third party but chooses not to do so. In these situations, if there is clearly game that could be shot and/or there is potential value in the holding for shooting purposes, this should be treated as a voluntary restriction and a separate entry made in the valuation roll.

Anonymous sent us this from a UNSW Management document. It seems to have something to do with Matrixes but we can’t be absolutely certain...

The Strategic Matrix is intended to facilitate the cross-cutting interactions our staff and students are seeking in order to secure the benefits of linking across faculties, schools, divisions, disciplines and other organisational boundaries. The vertical axis – our Schools, Faculties and Divisions. The eight Faculties and Divisions, along with our Canberra campus and the 50 Schools within them form the vertical axis of the UNSW Strategic Matrix. The horizontal axis – our strategic priorities, themes and enablers. The three strategic priorities, which have emerged from the consultation – Academic Excellence, Social Engagement and Global Impact – and the eight themes that sit within them, along with our strategic enablers, form the horizontal axis of our Strategic Matrix.

A supporter alerted us to this excerpt from restaurant critic Tim Hayward.

The gratin itself, under its gilded crust, is emollient -- wholly oily, baptising the lips, with the gelatinous benisons of ocean and byre, the marine purity of fish flesh balanced by an earthly and profane honk of tripe. A mouthful takes the breath and then immediately centres the soul.

Stephen Hall was justifiably confused by the following from Nottingham City Council.

REASON FOR CALCULATION: Change in Overpayment recovery. - the value of the overpayment where an underpayment or cancelled payment have reduced the amount or a duplicate encashment has increased the amount.
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