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2015 Awards

It’s Plain English Day 2015 – as good a day as any on which to announce our 2015 award winners.

This year, Donald Trump easily wins a Foot in Mouth Award, and there are some truly awful examples of Golden Bull to consider.

As well as our ‘bad’ awards, we also take the opportunity to praise the likes of Richard Denniss, RightsInfo, Lucy Kellaway and our youngest ever award recipient, Ammarah Mahmood.

In giving the Chrissie Maher Award to Ammarah, we hope to encourage young people everywhere to develop good habits early. As part of future award ceremonies, we will look to reward similar projects, such as the one carried out by Ammarah’s school. We hope many other schools follow Swain House Primary in Bradford, and we look forward to recognising them each year.

Please have a look on our individual award pages, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages, for more awards information and stories.

Here’s a recording of Steve Jenner talking to Radio Derby’s Ian Skye about this year’s awards.

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