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2016 Awards

We’re delighted to once again recognise the best of those keeping to our plain English principles. And we’ve got our usual round-up of rogues doing quite the opposite.

Well done to the likes of Bank of Ireland, Chatham House, Mr Justice Peter Jackson and SSE. And thank you to Boris Johnson for making the Foot in Mouth award such an easy pick once again.

Bank of Ireland have done more to communicate in plain English with their customers than any other bank and deserve recognition. Mr Jackson’s plain English court summary was a great improvisation of a very emotive and difficult court case, and we were delighted to give him an award for his excellent work.

Boris Johnson’s second Foot in Mouth award was inevitable, despite fierce competition from last year’s gaffe-happy winner and new US President Donald Trump, and Sarah Palin, Jackie Walker and David Hoare. In any other year Trump’s endless stream of disingenuous gibberish, Palin’s ‘squirmishes’ or Hoare’s comments about the Isle of Wight that got him the sack might easily have won. But Boris’s pledge to make Brexit a ‘Titanic success’ was unsinkable.

We also gave Tony Blair a long overdue Kick in the Pants, unlike a more restrained Sir John Chilcot. Chilcot’s verdict confirmed that Blair’s ‘certainty’ about Iraq’s capabilities was ‘not justified’ but didn’t really put the boot in. We were delighted to oblige.

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