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2014 Awards

Plain English Campaign announced the results of its 2014 awards on Wednesday 3 December. As ever there were great examples of nonsense and clarity among the winners.

We’ve had some memorable Foot in Mouth winners over the past 35 years: John Prescott, Mitt Romney and George Bush among the best. We could easily have devoted dozens of pages to this year’s winner, who provided a seemingly endless stream of gibberish, both written and verbal.

Our Golden Bull winners, too, were of a typically high standard. We’ve once more carefully selected the worst of the year’s written tripe. This is never an easy task. But, after sifting through countless examples of dire communication, we have settled on a select awful few.

And, as ever, we’re delighted to offer credit where it’s due. We rightly take the time to salute those doing great things for clearer communication. Those individuals, groups and organisations that stood out for their plain English work in 2014 deserve special recognition. To everyone keeping to and furthering our principles – not just our award winners – your efforts are appreciated.

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