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Lifetime achievement award 2019

Boris Johnson

Johnson, who ‘spaffed’ billions up the wall in the name of a non-existent no-deal Brexit, and deservedly won this year’s Foot in Mouth Award, is also the winner of a special 40th anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award. There was extremely creditable competition from the other shortlisted candidates, Russell Brand and Donald Trump. But just as Brexit apparently means Brexit, Boris is Boris, and that means regular and reliable gibberish. If he isn’t crassly dismissing very serious issues involving children as a waste of money he’s being dishonest or at least incomprehensible about…pretty much everything. Routine, flat-out lies are Boris’s bread and butter – but it’s the gaffes we’re especially interested in. And on that score Boris never disappoints. So it makes perfect sense to honour his routine clangers with this gold-standard gibberish gong. 2020 will doubtless provide ample opportunity for Boris to continue to make very little sense. Is that an iceberg up ahead or sunlit uplands?

"Brexit means Brexit and we’re going to make a Titanic success of it."

"I could not fail to disagree with you less."

"Can you make a promise to the British public that you will not go back to Brussels and ask for another delay to Brexit?" "Yes, I can. I'd rather be dead in a ditch"

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