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International award 2019

Greta Thunberg

Little more than a year on from her first solo demonstration outside the Swedish Parliament, Greta Thunberg has been a serious contender for the Nobel Peace Prize and has established a millions-strong environmental movement. By simply and clearly stating facts about where we find ourselves as a species facing self-inflicted extinction, Greta’s had an enormous impact. And, by never deviating from verifiable scientific truths, she’s made those in hock to big oil look increasingly desperate in their determination to suppress facts.

She’s inspired all generations – but particularly her own – to better understand what is happening to their planet, and who is responsible for its rapid decline. Her message – that the Earth is dying and that it’s our duty to save it before it’s too late – resonates strongest of all with those whose job it will be to fix all the problems their elders helped create. Thanks to Greta Thunberg, it will now be much harder to avoid the pressing question of the age: for how much longer will we value money more than a sustainable planet?

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