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Media awards 2013

Best newspaper: The Times

Ever since 1785 when it was first published, people have relied on The Times. Over the years it has become a mainstay for its news, leading articles, Opinion/Comment section, its crosswords, its famous letters page and its obituaries, court and social section.

Politically moderate (it has supported both the Conservative and Labour parties) it is the paper many people turn to for balanced news coverage and political commentary. Its journalists are connected to both the Conservative and Labour parties so its political support is varied.

Despite its reputation as a traditional paper, in 2012 The Times became the first British newspaper to formally endorse same-sex marriage and it has led a high-profile campaign against tax avoidance.

The Times continues to uphold the highest standards of journalism. It has a number of award-winning journalists on its staff and its content remains clear, concise and informative.

Best television programme: Amanpour

CNN’s nightly news show expertly covers crucial global talking points in a quick, accessible and serious format, and features an often uncompromising interview with a major topical figure. The show is particularly good for one reason: the writer/presenter, Christiane Amanpour CBE.

Amanpour, a British-Iranian journalist and CNN’s Chief International Correspondent between 1992 and 2010, originally fronted the show in 2009, before briefly defecting to ABC News. She rejoined CNN in 2012 and ‘Amanpour’ continues to provide an essential and accessible service.

Best radio programme: Thinking Allowed

Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Allowed’ follows a basic format: Laurie Taylor discusses numerous social science topics with eminent guests. But the greatest ideas are often the simplest. Taylor asks questions we may have asked in the same circumstances, and therefore draws useful, interesting information on matters that we can all appreciate and understand.

Taylor has presented Thinking Allowed since 1998 but has years of experience on television and radio and in his former role as Professor of Sociology at York University. He manages to be both formidable and engaging, and his show is essential listening. The show is produced by Jayne Egerton.

Best publication: The Week

The Week has, since 1995, done what it says on the tin and encapsulated ‘The Week’ in question, drawing together multiple articles and numerous commentators and providing a cross-section of opinion in one handy location.

Additionally, their round-ups are written in a way that anyone can understand and enjoy. The Week saves an awful lot of legwork for those with limited time, but also provide stand-alone great articles, on general news items, science, business and the arts.

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