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Golden Bull awards 2013

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy

  • We received this notice about an open seminar at the University of Essex Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Between the unspeakable and the speculum: Poetry and Psychoanalysis

This paper will be a reflection on what endures and on the archaeology of utterance – an archaeology that is intimately connected to castration. As a Symbolic artefact poetry stands between the darkness of the unknowable – Freud’s navel – and Lacan’s mirror of semblance in which false architectures of the self, emerge as a parody of the truth.

  • Alan Cox of Swanage nominated this paragraph from a letter sent by Alliance Trust Savings

How will I be impacted?

We have confirmed with the Fund Managers that the rebate paying share classes you are invested in, listed overleaf, have an equivalent within the ‘clean share’ class. The new share class has a lower or equal net AMC to the fund that you are currently invested in and so you will either pay the same, or less, than you did previously when taking any previous rebates into account.

  • The Department of Energy and Climate Change

One of our supporters received a long letter about the energy grants system. It included the following useful information.

The second part consists of an Occupancy Assessment (OA) that adjusts the standardised EPC estimates based on information about the occupants...

GDARS build upon the information in the EPC by incorporating additional information gathered from the OA about how the occupants in the property actually use energy… I hope this is helpful.

Arthur Leathley, Director of DECC Communications said "Guilty as charged and therefore we accept the award, albeit with regret."

They do have procedures in place to try to maintain high standards and this letter seems to have been a rare slip.

  • An anonymous jobseeker sent us this Celtic Carvery & Alehouse ‘Bar Manager / Manageress’ job advert

Job Purpose

Provides beverages by procuring beverage ingredients.


Accomplishes bar human resource objectives by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, coaching, counselling, and disciplining employees.

Achieves bar operational objectives by contributing information and analysis to functional strategic plans and reviews. Plans beer, wine, and spirits drink menus by researching mixology techniques.

  • Here is a quote by SEGRO’s Chief Investment Officer about its sale of a business park
The sale is very much in line with our ongoing focus on recycling capital out of assets at the appropriate time in the cycle in order to crystallise gains from higher value uses and redeploy into other profitable growth opportunities in our core markets.

We received this great comment from Phil Redding.

"Guilty as charged on this one. The IQ Winnersh deal was very significant for our business. We were obviously delighted at the culmination of a lot of hard work and, being candid, it looks as though I wrote my quote after the ensuing celebration rather than before!"

  • One of our supporters received this response from HMRC after attempting to email them a file
The submission of this document has failed due to departmental specific business logic in the Body tag. Your submission contains an unrecognised namespace.
  • Brian Garner sent us Manchester City Council’s proposals about the sale of the former BBC site on Oxford Road

The former BBC site sits within the Corridor: Manchester which is Greater Manchester’s (GM) central business and education district, critical to the flow of people, goods and ideas through the GM area.

Key development principles:
- Create enhanced public pedestrian connections and active frontages along Charles Street and Brancaster Road.
- Provide a legible framework of linked public spaces.
- Create a positive response to the River Medlock frontage…

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