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Foot in Mouth award 2013

The 2013 Foot in Mouth award goes to Godfrey Bloom MEP

Godfrey Bloom has been in the press a lot recently. After describing countries that receive aid from the UK as ‘Bongo Bongo land’, he then called women at a ‘women in politics’ event ‘sluts’ for not cleaning behind their fridges.

Godfrey, though, has previous form. It seems he described the DNA of bananas as frighteningly similar to the DNA of rural Conservatives, which can’t have pleased the Chipping Norton set. And anti-hunt protestors can’t have been thrilled at being called ‘The foam flecked, snarling class warrior, bedsit dwellers who sit knitting balaclavas and surfing porn on the net.’

Godfrey Bloom is an independent MEP – he left UKIP after having the whip withdrawn for his comments – and sits on the ‘Gender Rights and Equalities Committee (FFEM) in the European Parliament, an interesting position in view of his ‘sluts’ comment.

We have heard the arguments about this sort of language being a ‘generation’ thing, or how he is misrepresented, but do we really want an MEP who causes offence to so many, so often? We look forward to what he may have to say about his Foot in Mouth award.

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