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Website award

This is an annual award, given to what we consider to be the clearest website of the year.

The 2012 winner is the National Trust for

The National Trust website is a fine example of an accessible, readable and easily navigable website. It’s user friendly and attractive, with a clearly and cleverly constructed front page which contains well-spaced text and images. The use of colours and fonts is also particularly easy on the eye, and the overall effect is that of a highly professional website that offers a fitting companion to a fine organisation.

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Our judges look for a site that:

  • is written in plain English;
  • is attractive, but not at the expense of clarity;
  • makes it easy for the reader to find their way around; and
  • makes it easy for the reader to get the information they are looking for.

The contest is open to any website except those that Plain English Campaign's editing staff have worked on, or those with our Internet Crystal Mark.

To nominate a site, please e-mail us with the address. You can nominate your own site or somebody else's. The closing date for entries for the 2010 awards is 29 October 2010. We will contact the winners in November.

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