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Pat on the back

This award celebrates efforts to communicate clearly

The 2012 winners are:

Professor Brian Cox

Professor Cox is a clear winner in this category for his infectious and easy to understand explorations of the universe and potentially obscure scientific terminology, and his all-round service to bringing within easy reach universal wonders that might otherwise be considerably more difficult to grasp.

In doing this he follows in the legendary footsteps of his hero, Carl Sagan, who wrote and presented the landmark Cosmos, a groundbreaking television production that a young Cox credits with inspiring his own interest in science and the universe, and ‘making sure, after watching it, there was never any chance I’d be doing anything else.’

Clare Balding

Clare Balding was a faultless commentator throughout the excellent BBC Olympics coverage – by far the most reliable, appealing and least confusing guide to the London 2012 games. Making a no doubt daunting task – leading us through such a varied roster of often potentially baffling sporting events – look easy, Balding thoroughly deserves a Plain English Campaign ‘Pat on the Back’.

David Hills

David Hills, with his superb Observer ‘Said and Done’ column – an unmissable weekly expose of waffle, lies, contradictions and jargon in football – has taken those guilty of the worst excesses of gobbledygook and hypocrisy in the game, particularly those at the highest level, to task for years without due recognition. We change that this year with a long overdue award.

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