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Chrissie Maher award 2016

Bank of Ireland

Bank of Ireland was the overwhelming ‘Chrissie Maher Award’ candidate this year. For many years they’ve worked hard to make sure their information is as clear as it can be.

With the world financial markets in such turmoil, banks need to be as clear as possible about the inevitable problems ahead. We expect Bank of Ireland to lead the way with clear customer information at a critical time.

Chrissie had the following to say about Bank of Ireland’s achievement.

We're delighted to recognise Bank of Ireland for their achievements in Plain English. People often contact us about the financial gobbledygook used by their bank, and very few banks seem to have made much effort in introducing plain English principles. By cutting out a lot of jargon and communicating in clear language, Bank of Ireland helps its customers know exactly where they stand. We can only hope more banks follow their lead.

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