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Golden Bull awards 2008

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy

  • Scottish Life for a letter in response to an endowment policy query

‘The growth of the policy is calculated through more then one area of the plan, the annual reversionary bonus is only one area of this growth, the part of the growth rate of this policy is the increased rates of the terminal bonus rate for a policy with a term of 24 years is currently 24% of the basic sum assured and the total bonuses attaching. The terminal bonus is only applied at the end of the plan and is not known to ourselves until this is applied.’

  • Met Office website for the Winter 2008 – 9 Forecast

‘Forecast uncertainties
Seasonal forecasts indicate how slowly-varying large-scale climate influences make particular seasonal conditions more likely than others. Random, unpredictable factors (‘chaos’) also partly determine year-to-year variations, and these will sometimes override large-scale influences. Such uncertainties make a probabilistic format, as used here, advisable for seasonal forecasts'

  • HM Revenue and Customs for a letter to a customer

‘Thank you for your Tax Returns ended 5th April 2006 & 2007 which we received on 20th December.
I will treat your Tax Return for all purposes as though you sent it in response to a notice from us which required you to deliver it to us by the day we received it.’

  • The Co-operative ecotown website for

‘The flexibility of the eco-town enables the densification of residential plots that occur at an individual level, with the opportunity to create the value (rather than incur the cost) that this implies.’

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