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Foot in Mouth award 2005

Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, the First Minister for Wales, made this comment in a debate on policing: "The only thing which isn't up for grabs is no change and I think it's fair to say, it's all to play for, except for no change."

Rhodri was, in fact, good-humoured enough to reply to his award.

"I won this award before for my 'does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?' quote. In fact, it made my name. Jeremy Paxman is still trying to work out whether there is a deeper meaning behind my proverb. This latest award is not quite in that class, so it must have been a thin year.
Nevertheless, I am delighted that the Plain English Campaign tunes in to the Welsh assembly every Tuesday for my question time waiting for another one-legged duck."

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