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Golden Bull awards 1997

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy


  • Amadeus International for a job advertisement

'The possibilities an organisation can envisage are bounded by the belief and values of its Leaders. Even when the potential of technology and strategy can be seen, there is a time-gap before the culture allows for its realisation ... Can you help others to clarify their own map of the world? Can you hold a strength of values and beliefs and safely see your clients through transformation - both personal and organisational? ... The Company does not have employees but creative players who wish to contribute leading transformational processes in a consultant role.'

  • Department of Trade and Industry for their draft regulations on Prams and Pushchairs

'A pram is defined as 'a wheeled vehicle designed for the transport in a seated or semi-recumbent position of one or two babies or infants who are placed inside a body of boat- or box-like shape, but does not include any carry cot or transporter therefore.'

  • North East Lincolnshire Council for a report

'The BCA assessed for the 1998/99 financial year is that required to match fund the approved SRB 2 and 3 schemes for the HRA and match fund the Private Sector Renewal Support Group (PSRSG) and Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) for private sector housing. A reduction in BCA granted to Housing will endanger future levels of HIP allocations.'

  • The Office of Passenger Rail Franchising for a reply to a customer about overcrowding on trains

'As you may know, Central Trains is currently in the latter stages of the franchising process. Franchise Agreements place an obligation on operators to use reasonable endeavours to avoid excessive overcrowding where other detailed provisions do not apply. Operators will be deemed to have failed to meet this obligation if excessive overcrowding results from a reduction in vehicles from a specified initial level. Franchise operators therefore have to plan their services to provide sufficient capacity to meet expected demand.'

  • Oxford City Council for a Health and Environment Committee report

'... examine the feasibility of creating a structure in Hinksley park from indigenous vegetation to provide a sun shade at the East end.'

  • Wareham Associates for a leaflet describing a one day seminar.

'Delegates will not only be shown how to 'Develop and lead a superior, synergistic enterprise to the new millennium' but will also be introduced to 'Elevation: the art, science and strategy of the radical profit leap' and ''Shoddipush': the deadly syndrome that white-ants most businesses.'

  • United Kingdom Warehousing Association for a contract

'The Customer may require an increase in the per tonne limit under (a) by notice in writing to be received by the Company at least 7 days before the date ('the Date') on which the increased Limit is required to be operative.'

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