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Pensions jargon

'The trustee company will consider the continuation of a total incapacity pension by testing whether it is more likely than not, on the balance of probabilities, that the member could only do a job for which the member would only be paid less than a small fraction of the member's pre-absence salary. If so, the member would be within the total incapacity definition.'

(From a letter from a university superannuation company)

'The Teacher's Pension Scheme (TPS) is 'contracted out' of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS). The TPS must therefore guarantee to pay a public service pension at a rate no lower than a pensioner would have received if he or she has stayed in SERPS. This rate is known as the Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP). The TPS generally provides a pension above the guaranteed level. The pension, including the GMP, is inflation proofed.

The TPS pays the public service pension, including the GMP. However the Benefits Agency (BA) are responsible for paying part of the inflation proofing on the GMP. This generally comes into effect when someone reaches state retirement age and is normally paid by BA as part of the state retirement pension. The GMP is calculated by Inland Revenue (Contributions Agency) NI Contributions Office (IRNICO) based on NI contributions paid between 1978 and state retirement age. Therefore, TPS are unaware that a GMP is applicable until notified by IRNICO at which time the Teacher's pension is adjusted.'

(From a letter from a Pensions Administration service)

'Due to technical problems experienced when our Stafflink Portfolio migrated to a new platform it was not possible to process these changes until December 2004.'

(From a letter from Clerical Medical)

'As you may already be aware the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) have now revoked the LGPS (Amendment) (no 2) Regulations 2004 from the 3rd August 2005, the revocation being retrospective to the 1st April 2005, the operative date of these amendment Regulations. Attached is a copy of circular 175 regarding the revocation. As these Regulations have been revoked retrospectively to 1st April 2005, the position is now the same as before the 1st April 2005 i.e: as if the LGPS (Amendment) (no 2) Regulations 2004 had never existed.'

(From a letter from a county council about local government pension scheme regulations)

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