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The 'Grundtvig' project

The Socrates Grundtvig project

We are advising other European groups about setting up plain-language campaigns of their own. Working as part of the Grundtvig project, which is part of the EU's Socrates programme, we hope our expertise can help others to achieve successes similar to ours in their own countries.

The Grundtvig project is designed to promote links between similar organisations in different European countries, allowing them to work together and share their knowledge. The scheme also aims to develop the quality of adult learning throughout Europe.

In December 2005, representatives from seven European countries visited our headquarters for a meeting to discuss the European Learning Partnership and how they should proceed. It was interesting to hear about the problems encountered by other groups. The delegates, from groups such as VOCB (Belgium), eenvoudig communceren (Netherlands) and 8sidor (Sweden), gave presentations on the latest developments in their countries.

The group spent an afternoon with our staff, visiting the editing and training departments and looking at marketing and promoting a plain-language organisation.

The project is still in its infancy, but we hope that eventually there will be a strong plain- language network that stretches throughout Europe. We will give details of any future developments on this page.

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