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The Internet Crystal Mark – why you need one

A website that puts obstacles in front of its audience is not doing its job properly. Get rid of any on your website, and get our Crystal Mark accreditation to boot.

Obviously, easy-to-understand text is very important. But what if that text is badly laid out, difficult to read or hard to find?

Our Internet Crystal Mark (ICM) review examines how well your website meets worldwide accessibility standards, and suggests improvements or changes needed.

Far too many websites look slick and expensive but don’t do what they’re supposed to. That’s not necessarily the fault of those writing the text or creating the website. There may be confusion about what works and what doesn’t. We know exactly what a well-functioning website looks like.

Our ICM review will show you where you've gone both right and wrong. We will point out technical problems but also offer a much broader sense of what your website is doing. You can see what you don't need to change as well as issues you may need to resolve. In other words: it's not a purely critical assessment by any means.
AS part of our ICM assessment, we consider the following.
Is there enough contrast between text and background? (A surprisingly common problem, even on websites that have obviously had a lot of time, money and effort spent on their design.)
How well does your website print? Does it include undesirable features, such as blank pages, or print items that are meaningless on paper, such as menu items?
Are there any technical problems with your site design, such as JavaScript problems?
Do you know when technology you use is likely to create problems on certain platforms (for instance Flash on mobiles)?

With an Internet Crystal Mark, you’ll know your message will reach your audience and they will know you value them enough to make things easy for them.

Please contact us for further details on 01663 744409, email or visit our website at

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