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Plain English diploma

Our plain English diploma gives you an excellent grounding in our techniques. It’s a qualification that sets a precedent. If you have one, it gives you the authority you may need to persuade others in your organisation to write clearly. Additionally, you will be in a great position to pass on legitimate expertise. And you will have earned a widely-respected accreditation from the world’s number one plain language organisation.

Plain English saves time and money. Once you understand how to write in plain English, your documents are not only clearer, they’re shorter and faster to write. And, because your customers will always know exactly what you are saying, your message will be understood immediately. This means you will spend less time rewriting and explaining your information, and your customers will trust you more. It’s common knowledge that unclear communication breeds mistrust and suspicion.

So, if you want to write better, clearer and more widely-respected documents, and implement our techniques where you work, the plain English diploma is a must.

Our diploma is a distance-learning course designed to run for 12 months. It consists of two workshops, five assignments, a presentation and a main assignment.

The course, which begins with an initial two-day workshop on 21 and 22 October at the Thistle Euston Hotel in London, costs £3400 (£2900 for corporate members). For more details, contact Terri Schabel on 01663 744409 or by emailing

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