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Yet more ploddledygook

We've heard a fair bit of ‘ploddledygook' before now, and we've covered plenty of it on these pages. The police, however, continue to make very little sense.

They've come under fire, once more, for talking absolute nonsense in their ‘Candidate Information Pack' extended job advert.

The police, according to the information pack, are looking for a ‘pioneer in blue-light collaboration' who can ‘reframe dilemmas'.

It's hard to find much in the document that makes sense. Here's a representative paragraph.

Policing needs leaders who are not restricted by the unreformed system in which they have had to operate. We are more interested in where you can take our force than where you have been. In a challenging, fast-changing world innovation and creativity are the differentiators of success. Our Chief Constable must be able to see beyond the horizons of convention to make the paradigm shift, to dream of things that have never been done before.

So the police, despite a lot of justifiable criticism (some from their own officers) about their terrible communication skills, continue to write gibberish. Why? Presumably they will continue to take no notice and waffle on about ‘enabling behaviours critical to success' and ‘transactional single-agency budgets'. If that's the case, we, and many others, will continue to mock them for it.

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