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Plaid Cymru plain English manifesto

With a week left until the general election, only one party has taken us up on the offer to work with them on a plain English manifesto – Plaid Cymru.

You can read the Plaid Cymru plain English manifesto here.

We’re disappointed that the other parties didn’t want to get involved. The Liberal Democrats do at least provide an ‘easy read’ version, which is aimed at those with very basic reading skills.

Our aim was to provide a quick rundown of policies to go alongside the much lengthier, more complex version of the manifesto.

Not everyone wants to read 64 pages (the length of the Plaid Cymru full manifesto) of in-depth information about policies. Our version is roughly a quarter of that length and lists the key issues in a bullet-point format.

It’s important to point out that not even our version is ideal. We might still write a fair bit of it differently. But we were happy to work with Plaid Cymru on hopefully a useful alternative. It’s just a shame we couldn’t do likewise for the other election hopefuls.

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