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Apostrophes are in the news again

Cambridge City Council recently reversed its decision to do away with apostrophes on all street signs. Local residents had taken to adding them with marker pens, and the story became much bigger (and much more embarrassing) than expected. So apostrophes made a welcome comeback.

The pop star Drake has also had plenty of criticism for failing to include apostrophes on his album cover. Artistic licence aside, a fair number of his fans were unimpressed. It seems, though, unlikely that Drake will follow Cambridge City Council’s lead on this (although you never know – future versions of the album may include the apostrophes that are currently absent).

Apostrophes do an important job, and at the bottom of this article you will find a link to our guide on their correct usage. There is no good reason for avoiding or misusing them, and doing so can only, as proved in the two above cases, cause more problems than it’s (not its) worth.

That said, it isn’t always clear what the correct usage of them is. So here’s a reminder. Do get in touch if you have any questions, or send us your examples of badly-misused or missing apostrophes. To read more about the Cambridge City Council story, or to see that Drake album cover, check our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We have a guide to using apostrophes.

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