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Clear manifestos

With just under 100 days until the general election, we’ve asked all major parties for a clear version of their manifesto.

We know that a large number of people will struggle to read the full-length version. There is no good reason why the parties can’t provide an easy-to-understand, point-by-point summary of their key principles.

Ideally, we will be able to make a full set of clear, concise manifestos available for everyone to read. We want to offer a useful one-stop point where people can compare the manifestos and make their own decisions. We want people to be able to see, with all spin and waffle removed, which party best suits their needs and principles.

After the Liberal Democrat decision to form a coalition with the Conservative party during the last election, party manifestos may well ultimately be meaningless. We should, though, at least understand what party stated intentions are. We need to know precisely what we are voting for, in print.

Hopefully the parties will get back to us long before election time. We have been in touch to offer to help them draw up a clear summary of their manifesto. If we get any serious feedback, we will post it on our website, and on our twitter and facebook pages.

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