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More council jargon

Dundee City Council is under fire for writing an 'obscure' letter to parents that's 'a real challenge to read'.

The letter, written by council Education Director Michael Wood, achieves an online readability score of 28.2. Or in other words, it's as difficult to read as the Harvard Law Review. It uses words such as 'redilineation' and contains a paragraph which is over 80 words long.

Labour's Education Spokesman, Laurie Bidwell, said: "Both the letters and the longer documents are a real challenge to read through. The letters take a long time to get to the point."

The point, which is clouded in bad writing, is that Menzieshill High School is being shut down. As is often the case, bad news is buried here in jargon and long, pointless sentences.

Dundee City Council has responded with a statement that includes the following.

'Each letter encourages anyone who wants to express their views on the proposals to put their views in writing to Mr Michael Wood, Director of Education, Floor 2, Dundee House, 50 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, DD1 1NL or via email to'

As Dundee City Council knows, a large number of parents may struggle to understand or act on the letter. When the matter in question is as serious as a school closure, the information needs to be a lot clearer.

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