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Waffle extractor

It’s a shame that such a thing is needed, but fair play to Houston PR for their online tool

The website, which lists a ‘cliché of the day’ (‘Tightening their belts’ when I looked) strips all nonsense and surplus waffle from politicians’ comments.

As the site says, “We live in an age of devolved opinion. For every decision-maker there are now millions of derision-makers. Politicians need to take note and communicate clearly.”

So, were you to copy and paste a political speech containing “on your side”, “Big Society” and “stakeholders”, it would draw a line through them. Simple but effective.

“The next election in the UK will be unlike any other,” suggests the website.

“There will be more parties, more promises and more cynicism than ever before. What people want is truth, devoid of cliché and patronising phrases.”

Well, they’re unlikely to get it – but at least gets rid of the empty gobbledygook.

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