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Government regrets NHS gobbledygook

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt was on the defensive this week as 400,000 NHS staff went on their first strike in 30 years.

And it turns out that the Government’s biggest regret is the 'unintelligible gobbledygook' in NHS reforms overseen by Andrew Lansley MP.

Lansley introduced the restructuring plans before he was replaced as Health Secretary, despite there being no mention of them in any conservative manifesto.

According to the Daily Mail, the legislation was so poorly and confusingly thought out that it was “amended 2000 times as it went through Parliament, with even supporters of the original plans saying the final outcome bore little relation to Mr Lansley’s vision”.

One senior Tory admitted to The Times, “We’ve made three mistakes that I regret, the first being restructuring the NHS. The rest are minor.”

There’s restructuring the NHS, and there’s restructuring it when nobody but the Health Secretary knows what any of the language in the reforms means.

“No one apart from Lansley had a clue what he was really embarking on, certainly not the Prime Minister,” said a former Government adviser.

“He kept saying his grand plans had the backing of the medical establishment and we trusted him. In retrospect it was a mistake.”

We should expect more gobbledygook from the coalition government as it continues to argue – unintelligibly – about who is to blame and what might be done about it.

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