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Plain English campaign news articles

Pension ‘trail commissions’ create a trail of misery

Recent research from the watchdog Consumer Focus shows that the banned pension trail commissions paid to independent financial advisers may continue to cost some pension savers millions of pounds. This is money that could be invested in the saver’s pension scheme rather than the financial advisers’ pockets.

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OCBC house is in order with plain language

Plain English Campaign congratulate Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited (OCBC Bank), Singapore for taking another lead in the banking industry by achieving the Crystal Mark accreditation for their mortgage information. OCBC are working with Plain English Campaign in response to findings from studies about unclear financial information made in December 2010. OCBC are determined to make sure that every step of their mortgage process will be written in plain English. The first OCBC documents to receive the only internationally recognised standard for clear writing are the Home Loan mortgage application form, the letter of offer, the mortgage terms and conditions and the letter of declaration.

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Crystal-clear Korea

Plain English Campaign is honoured to be invited as guest speakers for the national conference of ‘Korean Language Officers’('GugEo- ChaekImGwan') in Seoul at the end of May 2011. The organisation works to promote plain language, or as they call it in Korea, ‘public language, as used by central and local government.

The two-day conference will gather the Korean Language Officers throughout the country to share language policies and operations for raising awareness and providing education for anyone communicating public information.

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Even Dr Doolittle spoke plain English to the animals

Well-meaning American academics are taking us a step closer to the world of George Orwell's Animal Farm, but without the author's love for plain English. US academic editors of the new 'Journal for Animal Ethics' are calling for new "animal language" that avoids using traditional terms such as 'pet' and 'wild'. Their aim is to improve relationships between humans and the wider world of animals.

Plain English Campaign receives daily complaints from the public about gobbledygook language. Some feature the documents written by academics, or the jargon of science, that is transferred into our everyday lives in public information. But so far we have not received complaints about terms such as 'beast' or 'pest', from any animal, other than the highly intelligent species at the University of Illinois.

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2011 nominations needed for Women in Public Life awards.

Nominations for the Women in Public Life awards will close on Friday 6 May 2011. This is a chance to acknowledge the positive contributions and actions of women in our community.

Last year, Chrissie received both an award for her contributions to the community and an additional award for her overall outstanding contribution.

Read the full press release for details of how to place your nomination before the closing date.

One-woman’s shout

Plain English Campaign is honoured to be listed in a new publication due for release on May 5 2011 with Ellie Levenson’s second book, ‘50 campaigns to shout about’.

To celebrate this recognition, we are producing more stocks of our popular range of sticker messages from our ‘Jargon – you can stick it’ campaign so that anyone supporting clear public information can take action.

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Protecting your pot - the plain English guide to pensions

Ending retirement company gobbledygook – Annuity Direct team up with Plain English Campaign to produce a pensions guide which everyone can understand (not just the actuaries).

Finally, a pensions guide ordinary people will understand.

  • Joint operation to promote ‘ordinary language to ordinary people’.
  • Free guide covers vital areas of retirement planning.
  • Easy-to-download PDF format.

In a move designed to change the face of UK pensions' and retirement literature, specialist retirement-advice service Annuity Direct have joined forces with Plain English Campaign. Together they have produced an easy-to-follow guide to the most important retirement questions.

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Switched on to plain English

Plain English Campaign are proud to announce that is the first comparison website to achieve our Internet Crystal Mark. The Internet Crystal Mark is recognised worldwide as a standard that a website has clear language, and is accessible and easy to use.

Plain English Campaign have been fighting for over 30 years against the use of unnecessary jargon and gobbledygook in communications. With a growing trend for public information to be presented through globally accessible online services, using clear language becomes even more important.

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