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Drivel Defence - frequently asked questions

How can I save a file copy of the Drivel Defence report?

Having a computer file copy of the Drivel Defence report can be useful for example, if you want to e-mail it to someone. There are 3 ways to save a computer file copy of the report.

  1. If your computer can print to PDF, then you will be able to print the report by clicking its 'Print' button, and choosing the PDF printer option. This will make a PDF file version of the report.
  2. To save a web page version of the report, right click (PC) or ctrl click (Mac) in the report window, and select 'View page source'. This will show you the (text) code view of the report. Now choose the 'Save file as' browser menu option and save the file with a .htm extension. This will only work in browsers that allow the source code of dynamically created windows to be seen (not all do).
  3. If b) isn't working for you, you can select the entire contents of the report window, and paste it all into another application, such as a word processor, or into an e-mail.

Why does Drivel Defence for Web work differently when I use Opera?

Opera does not handle file selection the same way as other browsers. So, the normal file selection field is replaced with an ordinary text field. This means you must make sure you have a correct file path to put into this text field for the web page, so that it can be found. Remember to prefix absolute paths with a /, eg. /C:/myFiles/file1.html .

For Drivel Defence Web to work in Opera, make sure that Opera is set up to identify itself as Opera, and not to pretend it is another browser.

Drivel Defence Web used to work in Internet Explorer but now it doesn't. Why?

Recent security changes to IE by Microsoft mean that the web pages you look at must be on the same local drive as the Drivel Defence Web application. If you have recently installed security updates, you may find that the operation of Drivel Defence Web has changed in this respect. If you get an 'Access is denied' JavaScript error after you click the 'Inspect' button, this is the most likely reason. You will need to move the web page you want to inspect into the same local drive as Drivel Defence Web. Or, use a different browser like Firefox.

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