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Media awards 2020

Channel Four News

Throughout 2020, Channel Four were exemplars of clarity and commitment to absolute truth. More than any other UK TV news show, they told it exactly like it was, and regularly called out those looking to hoodwink a public desperate for clear information. Without them, UK prime-time news would’ve looked much worse. They were so effective at holding their position as guardians of facts above all that they were regularly denied access to Government ministers.

John King (CNN)

Anyone tuning in to the fraught Presidential election race might well have spent some time in the company of CNN’s John King. He was a reassuring, composed presence throughout. More importantly from our point of view, he made the notoriously complex process accessible and engaging. His ‘magic wall’, covering US states as the votes came in, simplified matters and made things easy to follow, and also somehow turned the potentially dry stuff of vote counting into thrilling TV.

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