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Golden Bull awards 1993

The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy The Golden Bull trophy


  • The Contributions Agency for a letter (names changed)

'In accordance with Regulation 3(2) of the Social Secutiry (Contributions) Regulations 1979, I hereby give notice to J. Bloggs, M. Bean, C. Chaplin, B. Keaton and Smith & Jones being the secondary contributor, that I am satisfied that the greatest part of the earnings paid to, or for the benefit of, The above employees in respect of employed earner's employment by Smith & Jones is normally paid at intervals of greater length than the shortest interval at which any part of such earnings are normally paid or treated as paid. Accordingly, the length of the earnings period for the purposes of payment of earnings related contributions shall hereafter be the length of that longer interval, that is to say, the earnings period shall be the period of quarterly.'

  • Health & Safety Commission for 'Management of Health & Safety at Work' Regulation 10

'Paragraph (1) shall apply to a self-employed person who is working in the undertaking of an employer or a self-employed person as it applies to employees from an outside undertaing who are working therein; and the reference in that paragraph to the employer of any employees from an outside undertaking who are working in the undertaking of an employer or a self-employed person and the references in the said paragraph to employees from an outside undertaking who are working in the undertaking of an employer or a self-employed person shall be construed accordingly.'

  • City of Liverpool's Director of Housing and Consumer Services

'In many areas it is unlikely that successful housing renewal programmes can be implemented without increasing the viability of housing association rehabilitation, and in recognising the contribution that housing associations can make particularly in area based programmes, the priority which should be provided when an area is declared should be reflected in an enhancement of housing association funding for rehabilitation.'

  • Southwark Council's Legal Services Department for a lease

'Lessees decorating obligation (4) To paint with two coats of paint (the paint for the external work to be of a colour and quality to be approved by the Council's Borough Valuer) in a workmanlike manner all the wood iron and other parts of the premises hereto or usually painted as to the external work in every third successive year and in the last year of the term hereby granted and as to the internal work in every fifth successive year and in the last year of the term hereby granted the time in each case being computed from the commencement of the term hereby granted and after every internal painting to grain varnish distemper was shiten and colour all such parts as have previously been so dealt with and to re-paper the parts usually papered with suitable paper of good quality.'

  • THORN Security Limited for a letter warning customers of a possible price rise

'(6) (a) In the event of increases in the cost of labour materials or overhead expenses in carrying out the Company's obligations under this Agreement (of the existence and amount of which increases the certificate of the Secretary or other authorised official of the Company shall be conclusive evidence) or in the event of the imposition of new taxes or the revising of existing taxes the Company shall be entitled to make an increase in the Annual Charge payable hereunder (whether or not such Charge has been paid in advance) such increase to come into effect (when notification to an official body may be required) on the day appointed by the Company whereupon the amount of such increase as applies to the unexpired balance of any period in respect of which any Annual Charge has been paid in advance shall become immediately due and payable.'

  • The Value for Money Unit of the NHS Directorate for a document sent out by the Welsh Office

'[A bed is] a device or arrangement that may be used to permit a patient to lie down when the need to do so is a consequence of the patient's condition rather than a need for active intervention such as examination, diagnostic investigation, manipulative treatment, obstetric delivery or transport.

'Beds, couches, or trolleys are also counted as hospital beds where:

'a) used regularly to permit a patient to lie down rather than for merely examination or transport (e.g. in a day surgery ward.)

'b) used whilst attending for a specific short procedure taking an hour or less such as endoscopy, provided that such devices are used only because of the active intervention and not because of the patient?s condition.

'c) used regularly as a means of support for patients needing a lengthy procedure such as renal dialysis (includes special chairs etc.)

'd) used regularly to allow patients to lie down after sedation.

'NB: A device specifically and solely for the purpose of delivery should not be counted as a bed.'

  • Brian Devine, Regional Secretary of UNISON for a document sent to staff representatives

'In examining the intended profile for the post of Information Officer the RMT has been mindful of the residual posts of Organising Assistant the duties and responsibilities attaching thereto and the range of support now required to both the service group and functional elements of the regional structure. With the exxception of the IT User Support responsibility within the aforementioned profile and the function of the Committee Administration historically embraced the by Organising Assistant remit (both of which would demand specific provision within the administrative resource) it is considered the better option that posts of Organising Assistant (or similar designation) be retained and that an appropriate job title be designed; this to include items (i) - (iv) in the Information Officer profile and the requirement of generic support to the staffing and lay structures established. In these circumstances I am recommending that a post of Information Officer not be determined at this time and that the requisite number of Organising Assistant posts be reviewed.'

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