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Dad’s health had been failing for some time. He had visited the hospital about a blood clot and expected to have an operation to remove it. A few years earlier my dad had been part of a gang digging service trenches for Liverpool Corporation. He had been told to do some more digging in a particular trench and it was not properly secured. Inevitably the trench fell in and my dad had to be dug out. He didn’t seem to be too badly injured at the time, but the blood clot developed and the hospital put it down to the injuries he had received.

One night when my mother had gone to the cinema, which we called the picture-house, and only Eddie and I were in the house with him, he went to the outdoor toilet. After a while Eddie went out to see if he was all right. He wasn’t, but he managed to stagger up to the back door before collapsing on the floor.

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